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Dual Credit Report

Dual Credit Study Technical Reports

Report No. 1
Dual Credit: A Review of the Literature, by Timothy McMannon (October 2000)

Report No. 2
Dual Enrollment: A Fifty-State Overview, by Calvin M. Frazier (October 2000)

Report No. 3
A Survey of Dual Enrollment Practices in Higher Education in the United States, by Ronald E. Cambra (October 2000)

Report No. 4
Dual Credit Programs in the National Network for Educational Renewal: A Summary of Findings, by Roger Soder (November 2000)


Dual Credit Final Report

Dual Credit: A Report of Programs and Policies That Offer High School Students College Credits, by Richard W. Clark (The Pew Charitable Trusts/June 2001)

This paper provides a brief overview of a study, supported by The Pew Charitable Trusts, of programs through which high school students acquire dual credits (high school and college) and presents recommendations for action related to such programs. For the abstract of the report please visit the Pew Charitable Trust website. For ordering information, please contact Paula McMannon at or 206-325-3010.