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Institute for Educational Inquiry
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John I. Goodlad

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Senior Associate

Dorothy Lloyd
League of Democratic Schools

Bonnie McDaniel
Research Associate

Paula McMannon
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Paul Theobald
Senior Fellow


Board of Directors

The Institute's Board of Directors includes:

  • Eugene Edgar, Professor of Special Education, University of Washington
  • John I. Goodlad, President, Institute for Educational Inquiry, and Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
  • Stephen John Goodlad, Filmmaker
  • Timothy J. McMannon, History Instructor, Highline Community College, Des Moines, Washington
  • William Mester, Superintendent, Snohomish School District, Snohomish, Washington
  • Arlene Oki, Department of Housing and Human Services, City of Seattle
  • Deborah Shanley (ex officio), Dean, School of Education, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York
  • Roger Soder, Research Professor of Education, University of Washington

Staff Biographies

Richard W. Clark is currently a consultant (and past executive vice president) with the Institute for Educational Inquiry. In addition to providing oversight for all programs, he directed the Journalism, Education, and the Public Good initiative and is past director of the League of Democratic Schools initiative. Dr. Clark, an educational consultant and author, has worked with P-12 and college educators in thirty-five states. For many years, he worked closely with the Coalition of Essential Schools in their research and writing and served for ten years as an external evaluator of school change efforts in Philadelphia. In addition to a background as a teacher, principal, and school district administrator, he has eight years of experience as a broadcaster. He is the author of Effective Professional Development Schools (Jossey-Bass, 1999), among other publications.

John I. Goodlad is president of the Institute for Educational Inquiry and a co-founder of the Center for Educational Renewal at the University of Washington. He was born in Canada and educated in that country to the level of the master's degree. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and honorary doctorates from twenty colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. He has taught at all grade levels and in a variety of institutions, including a one-room rural school in Canada. He held professorships at Agnes Scott College and Emory University in Georgia, the University of Chicago, and UCLA (where he was dean of the Graduate School of Education from 1967 to 1983) before coming to the University of Washington in 1984. Goodlad is the author of over thirty books on education, including the highly acclaimed A Place Called School (McGraw-Hill, 1984, 2004), Teachers for Our Nation's Schools (Jossey-Bass, 1990), In Praise of Education (Teachers College Press, 1997), and Romances with Schools (2004). Goodlad has received numerous national awards in recognition of his work, including the prestigious Harold T. McGraw Prize in Education in 1999, the James Bryant Conant Award for Outstanding Service to Education from the Education Commission of the States in 2000, the first Brock International Prize in Education in 2002, the New York Academy of Public Education Medal in 2003, and the American Education Award from the American Association of School Administrators in 2004. Books published in 2004 include: Education for Everyone: Agenda for Education in a Democracy, written with Corinne Mantle-Bromley and Stephen J. Goodlad; The Teaching Career (co-edited with Timothy J. McMannon); a 20th anniversary edition of A Place Called School; and Romances with Schools: A Life of Education. The most recent book, Education and the Making of a Democratic People (co-edited with Roger Soder and Bonnie McDaniel), was published in 2008.

Dorothy Lloyd served as the founding dean and professor of the College of Professional Studies at California State University, Monterey Bay, from 1994 to 2006. The areas under her deanship included education; business; liberal studies; health, human services and public policy; and human performance and wellness education. Dorothy's prior positions include:

  • Five years as founding faculty, associate dean, and director of teacher education in the College of Education, California State University, San Marcos;
  • Twelve years as professor of education, San Francisco State University;
  • Four years as full-time lecturer in the Graduate School of Education at UCLA and senior researcher with John Goodlad;
  • Eight years as team leader, demonstration and supervising teacher at the UCLA Laboratory School; and
  • Five years as a classroom teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

She has been an active presenter and keynote speaker at state, national, and international conferences. She is also a consultant, trainer, and staff development leader for school districts and universities across the country in the areas of leadership, school and instructional effectiveness, and staff development. She has conducted seminars and workshops in thirteen states and Canada and in more than thirty California school districts. Since her retirement in 2006, she has taught a leadership course at California State University, Monterey Bay, and served as director of the Institute for Educational Inquiry's League of Democratic Schools.

Her honors and awards include Educator of the Year Award, Western Region Professional and Business Women; Community Education Awards (San Francisco, Monterey, and San Mateo); Outstanding Educator, Leader, Professional, African-America Community, Monterey, California; and Monterey County Outstanding Woman in 2003. She was inducted into Leadership America in 2000.

Bonnie McDaniel is a research associate at the Institute for Educational Inquiry. Her research interests are in the philosophy of education, democratic theory, and most recently in the history of American education. She has taught foundations of education courses at the University of Washington and Western Washington University. She was the recipient of the 2004 Gordon C. Lee dissertation award from the College of Education at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Paula McMannon has been special assistant to John Goodlad since 1987, first in the Center for Educational Renewal and then in the Institute for Educational Inquiry (IEI). She has been secretary/treasurer of the IEI since its founding in 1992.

Paul G. Theobald is a senior fellow of the Institute for Educational Inquiry. He currently holds the Woods-Beals Endowed Chair in Urban and Rural Education at Buffalo State College. He is an accomplished educational historian whose work frequently crosses disciplinary boundaries and has appeared in such distinguished research journals as Educational Theory, American Journal of Education, Journal of Educational Studies, Journal of Educational Thought, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, American Historical Review, Educational Foundations, History of Education Quarterly, and many others. His first book, Call School: Rural Education in the Midwest to 1918 has remained the definitive study on the history of rural education in this country for the past twelve years. His second book, Teaching the Commons: Place, Pride, and the Renewal of Community, an intellectual history that weaves in philosophical themes in an attempt to build a new vision for educational ends, has been widely used in graduate education classes both here and abroad.