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Reflections on Practice
(available from the IEI)

Copies of the Reflections on Practice series are available through the Institute for Educational Inquiry. All orders must be prepaid. (Orders from within the state of Washington must add King County sales tax.) Prices listed may be subject to change. Call (206) 325-3010 or e-mail Paula McMannon for more information.

  • School Renewal and Non-Instructional Time For Teachers: Profiles From The National Network for Educational Renewal, by A. J. Vaughns
    (ROP1/1996/35 pp./$3.00)

    Vaughns provides brief reports on seven elementary partner schools within the National Network for Educational Renewal and then discusses some of his observations about their efforts, using as a framework for his discussion a prior study of the issue by the National Education Association.

  • Constructing a Language of Collaboration, by Wilma F. Smith, Barbara Gottesman, and Phyllis J. Edmundson
    (ROP2/1997/18 pp./$3.50)

    Through true-life vignettes and subsequent analysis of process and content, Smith, Gottesman, and Edmundson provide ways of constructing a language of collaboration among colleagues in the schools, schools and colleges of education, and the arts and sciences. Without a common understanding and appreciation among all decision makers, the authors contend, collaboration will never be effective.

  • Portraits of Twelve High School Partner Schools in the NNER

    Twelve high schools in the NNER took part in a program to either begin to develop or advance an existing secondary partner school. Funding from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations provided the opportunity for each school to form a five-person team (representing the school, school district, college of education, and college of arts and sciences) to work with each other and school and university faculty over the course of a year. The teams shared their experiences through short written portraits describing the processes, triumphs, and tribulations of partner school development. This publication contains some of the most complete and true-life information about professional development schools available anywhere.

  • The Evolution of the Leadership Associates Program: A Professional Development Journey from Seattle to Cedar Ridge, by Steven C. Baugh and Ellen J. Williams

    During the avalanche of school reform that fell upon the American landscape following A Nation at Risk (1983), one effort that of John Goodlad and his colleagues, went beyond the condemnation of the schools to suggest that the simultaneous renewal of schools and teacher education was needed to promote meaningful, lasting change. This paper examines a unique professional development program created by John Goodlad and his associates; it describes evolution from a national level, through a regional level, to an individual school district, and finally, to individual schools within that district. In order to understand this program, we describe the context in which it operates and provide a brief review of the National Network for Educational Renewal, the Institute for Educational Inquiry, and the Brigham Young University-Public School Partnership.

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