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The Center for Educational Renewal and the Institute for Educational Inquiry have managed a broad publications program since 1985. The links above or below can get you to each type of publication that we offer, all of which are described below:

This page provides a listing of books, new and old, published about our work by the key people involved, both at the IEI and CER and out in the NNER settings. Most of the books listed can be ordered directly from the publisher.

Work-in-Progress Series
The Work-in-Progress series was developed early in the work of the Center to provide an outlet for scholars for thoughtful writing that was not quite a manuscript but more than an idea. All works-in-progress are available from the Institute for Educational Inquiry.

Occasional Papers
The Occasional Papers describe the many facets of the Study of the Education of Educators and the development of the National Network for Educational Renewal. Occasional Papers can be ordered from the Center for Educational Renewal.

Reflections on Practice
This series deals with the practical issues of schooling—how to develop a partner school, how to create discretionary time, how to collaborate within a school culture. Reflections on Practice are available from the Center for Educational Renewal.

The Institute for Educational Inquiry has created an extensive library of videotapes featuring leading experts and scholars talking about topics crucial to educational renewal. Some of the tapes are informal conversations with our leadership program cohorts. Others are formal panel dialogues developed during our 1999 In Praise of Education conference. Still others are carefully prepared, topic-oriented tapes that come with accompanying discussion guides designed to be used with groups of interested people in educational seminars.

Working Documents
The CER, IEI, and NNER have long depended on various internal writings to guide their work. Some of the key documents include the Twenty Postulates, the Partner School Compact, and John Goodlad's Education and Democracy: Advancing the Agenda (an explanation of the Agenda for Education in a Democracy and the anticipated plan for the future).