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Secondary School
Renewal Initiative

Secondary schools need to engage continually in renewal. The purpose of the Secondary School Renewal Initiative is to develop and test materials and processes that will help leaders in secondary schools as they work to strengthen their programs. The Agenda for Education in a Democracy serves as the framework for the school's renewal work.

In 1996 and 1998 the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations provided grants to the Institute for Educational Inquiry (IEI) to support the development of leadership in secondary partner schools. A third two-year grant, received in 2000, supports additional work with a focus on two long-term IEI goals:

  • to contribute to the professional development of high school faculties; and
  • to develop replicable models for future professional development of high school faculties.

Four high schools are participating in piloting materials and processes being developed as part of this initiative:

Madiera Junior Senior High School, Cincinnati, Ohio

Nathan Hale High School, Seattle, Washington

Riverside High School, El Paso, Texas

Shiloh High School, Gwinnett County, Georgia

A leadership team consisting of an administrator, a teacher leader, and an inside/outside advisor represents each school. The teams will participate in two seminars in Seattle, conduct cross-site visit/forums focused on a particular aspect of the Agenda for Education in a Social and Political Democracy, and engage in electronic communications between face-to-face contacts.