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Critical Issues Papers

When the National Network for Educational Renewal held its annual meeting in Bellevue, Washington, on October 15-17, 2009, AED Scholars led five discussions. The first presentation provided an overview of the seemingly intractable issues that frustrate our efforts to develop the good society: one in which the people are both healthy and wise and the culture as a whole—a democratic culture—is supportive. Following that introduction session/paper, the remaining sessions/papers dealt with the following issues:

1. Gross inequities in virtually every component of this nation's system of public education.

2. Inattention to the huge body of information we have about individual differences among humans and about human development in general.

3. The general failure of policymakers, professionals, and the general public to work together in a common purpose such as the public democratic purpose of schooling.

4. The continued failure of our society, especially at the policy level, to comprehend that the conventional wisdom and dominant behavior of our people stem from nonintentional and intentional educating by forces other than our schools.

The following Critical Issues Papers are works in progress.


Overview of the AED Scholars Papers: The Creation of a Wise and Healthy People and a Culture for Sustaining and Renewing This Populace


Inequities in Public Education

Individual Learning Differences

Failure of Education to Accommodate Individual Learning Differences

Common Purpose for Schooling

Finding a Common Purpose for Schooling in the United States: Why Do We Educate in a Democracy?

Forces Other Than Schools

Society's Failure to Comprehend the Educational Influence of Forces Other Than Schools


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